• Redbud Garden Club inspirational theme for 2016-2017 •

“Working Together Is Progress”

A Message from President, Marge Ewen…

My challenge to our Garden Club Members is to exercise the club motto “working together is progress.”

Working together is beneficial in many ways:

  • creating, when requested, new gardens in our community
  • maintaining, as needed, existing gardens
  • educational—learning about native drought tolerant plants that survive in our Three Rivers climate
  • promoting public education regarding drought tolerant plants by distribution of colorful pamphlets
  • especially developing the camaraderie that working together brings

Whether wielding a shovel, creating gopher cages, or pulling pesky weeds, all these myriad activities help us reach our goal.  So, let’s vow to take an active part in the on-going projects of our Garden Club and work together to make this year a great success!

Do  you want to interact with others who share your love of gardening?
Do you want to enjoy learning more about gardening?
Do you want to hear gardening tips from monthly speakers and have fun on field trips?

Join us, as our guest, at the next Redbud Garden Club monthly meeting,
which is always held on the first Monday of the month, from October-June.

We would love to meet you!

Contact Karen Dennis, Membership Chair
knjdenni@att.net – (559) 561-4705

[ photograph of a Redbud tree by Nancy Glass]